Казахстанско-японский центр развития человеческих ресурсов

About KJC in English

Kazakhstan-Japan Center for Human Development was established in 2002 as the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) project under the intergovernmental agreement on technical cooperation between Kazakhstan and Japan.

Despite the end of the ten-year project in 2012 and its transferal under the Narxoz University control, KJC continues implementing its mission to introduce Japanese culture to Kazakhstanis, to teach Japanese language and to develop human resources through business education programs.

Center operates successfully with the support of the Japan Foundation. Every year more than hundred people of different ages and professions are taught Japanese language by qualified Japanese and Kazakh teachers at the Japan Foundation Language Center.

Particular attention is paid to Japanese culture. Due to the growing interest in the land of the Rising Sun’s language and culture, thousands of Kazakhstanis gather at the cherry blossom festival, Tanabata Festival and festival of Japanese culture, held together with the Embassy of Japan.

One of the main tasks of the Center is to train Kazakh entrepreneurs. The Center conducts trainings and seminars for representatives of small and medium enterprises with the participation of Kazakh and Japanese experts. With JICA support businessmen have the opportunity to get know Japanese management not only in Kazakhstan but also at the workshops in Japan. Applying acquired knowledge and implementing lean manufacturing tools, some local companies have increased efficiency and improved their performance.

Kazakhstan-Japan Center for Human Development is waiting for new visitors and is open to anyone, who wants to connect with the culture and traditions of this wonderful country, as well as gain knowledge in the field of Japanese management and business.

Business Programs

The Kazakhstan-Japan Center has been providing domestic enterprises with effective, professional and timely solutions to the set tasks in the field of business training and consulting for more than 15 years.

Special focus is on the subject of lean production, quality control and promotion of Kaizen philosophy in Kazakhstan. The centre practices kaizen seminars at the enterprises under the direction of experienced Japanese and Kazakhstani consultants. The training participants have a unique opportunity to visit Japanese businesses as a part of the “Practical business-course in Japan”, financed by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Our courses have collected more than 4 thousand positive feedbacks on the practical benefits of the knowledge gained and the quality of business program organization.

The Centre offers following programs and services for Kazakhstan businesses:

  • Short business trainings and seminars in fields of management;
  • Open and in-house training on kaizen/lean production (Japanese and local instructors);
  • Diagnostics and consulting of enterprises and companies (Japanese and local experts);
  • Mini MBA “Kaizen” program in cooperation with Narxoz University;
  • Practical trainings in Japan with visits to Japanese companies (Toyota production system (TPS) etc.);
  • Individual field programs to Japan;
  • Rent of conference halls and devises for energy audit.

Project on Kaizen implementation (2015-2017)

Japan International Cooperation Agency started this project in 2015 to support the SME development and to promote Kaizen principles in Kazakhstan. Proficient experts from Japan and local consultants help domestic companies to implement Lean tools and principles in order to increase the work efficiency, qualitatively improve production environment and culture, and stimulate business-processes of organizations, their growth and competitiveness.  The program includes: a visit by an expert consultant from Japan to selected SMEs, diagnostics of a company’s current condition to define the problems and the decision options by introducing Kaizen tools, recommendation delivery and task development for the next visits.

During the project one representative of the participating company will go to Japan to have the training. 2-week training will provide an opportunity to visit at least 6 Japanese companies. Participants get acquainted with practical experience and deepen their knowledge in the field of Kaizen and production control through lectures and meetings with directors and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises. The trip gives not only new knowledge and ideas, but also an impulse to their realization.

Japanese Language Courses

Language Centre of Japan Foundation, on the basis of which Japanese language course are offered, operates in Kazakhstan Japan Center. Language teaching methods has been developed and based on the new teaching standards of Japan Foundation.

The centre offers the following Japanese language courses

The course name Duration Season/


Levels The course specifications
Japanese writing system 2 weeks autumn, summer, winter starter Learn Hiragana and Katakana scripts. It is useful to master the Japanese writing systems before starting a basic semester course.
Spring semester



4 months February – June



from Basic to Intermediate (А1, А2, А2-В1, В1, В2)

Standard course is designed for gradual language acquisition.  The friendliest approach to learn Japanese, as it allows to soak yourself in the language and get to know its details. Each level includes certain knowledge and skills that cover all aspects of the language: comprehension skills, speaking, reading and writing.
Fall semester 4 months September – January
Intensive courses 6 weeks summer from Basic to Intermediate (А1, А2, А2-В1, В1, В2) This course is recommended to people who in the shortest time have to prepare for travel abroad, job interview, business trip, or want to «step over» a level. Intensive course (1.5 month) gives a complete program of standard semester course.


JLPT certification exam orientation course

The main purpose of such classes is to develop lexical and grammatical knowledge and go through text assignment to successfully pass the exam.

After completing the course the listeners receive certificates. Classes are given by native speakers as well as by local teachers.

Japan Foundation textbooks

New textbooks “Marugoto” were developed specifically for Japan Foundation language courses. It is an active and communicative book, which includes plenty of information about Japanese culture, designed to motivate diverse students to learn the language.

Cultural events

Japanese culture – is huge layer of customs and traditions, this amazing country specific. It impresses with its depth and personality. Why is there so much inexplicable charm for us in the Land of the Rising Sun? Cultural events organized by Kazakhstan-Japan Centre for human development will help to find the answer to this question.

The centre introduces customs and traditions of this inscrutable country to enhance cultural cooperation, expand communication, promote deeper mutual understanding between Japan and Kazakhstan.

Master classes in the applied art and crafts, which are held in our centre (origami, kirie, Japanese calligraphy, furoshiki, etc.) are not only fascinating pastime, but also the development of perception, creative thinking and abilities. Participating in a traditional tea ceremony and Japanese cooking club helps to understand far better the Japanese mindset, their cultural, gastronomic and philosophical characteristics.

Everyone interested may get to know Japanese cultural traditions more intimately by visiting the following events:

  • Master classes (Japanese cooking classes, calligraphy, origami, tea ceremony, Go games, etc.);
  • Seasonal events (cherry blossom festival, the Star festival, Japanese New Year, etc.);
  • Summer camp for kids ages 7-12 with an exciting culture and language program;

Also Kazakhstan-Japan Centre offers the following services:

  • Educational and cultural travel to Japan;
  • Onsite presentation for schools with a demonstration of Japanese culture elements (“Japanese culture hour)
  • Culture support of events

The Centre library

Library, where we offer books, magazines, textbooks and DVD/CD in Japanese, Kazakh, Russian, English, is at visitors’ disposal. The Centre Library provides wide choice of information materials on Japan: geography, history, economics, industry, art, literature, philosophy, sports and martial arts, Japanese cookbooks, arts and crafts magazines and books.  Admirers of Japanese pop culture are offered great choice of manga, anime, dorama and more.


Business course participants’ feedback

Talgat Yergaliyev, General Director LLP “Stroiklass”, Astana, 2012:

“We have found out about Kazakhstan-Japan Centre in Kazakhstan. I contacted them, offered cooperation, started attending the lectures and seminars of Japanese experts… Assured return from Lean production over 50% granting that you have succeeded to change the attitude of not only top management but also of all production members… We have introduced all this at our site and received quality, efficiency, financial savings, production rate” (Forbes Kazakhstan, №1, 2012)

Asyl Kabdulin, operations director LLP “RG Brands”, Almaty, 2012:

“The first training for “RG Brands” company has been conducted in 2012,                Mr. Sato took on the role of the instructor. In a manner of six months workers started the implementation of 5S principles. Folders, documents and tools were arranged. Ideas on improving workspace were implemented. The progress is being continued on the course. Almost a year after the seminar, the company could solve its main issue – its setup time issue. Using SMED, the Kaizen team made a breakthrough: working together with line operators, they were able to reduce the setup time from 52 minutes to 5 minutes. The production efficiency has increased by 70%. This also enabled company management to extend the beverage line delivered to the market, including self-developed brands”.

Japanese language course participants’ feedback

The Japanese Foundation awards the best students of Japanese-language courses in the Kazakh-Japanese Center with a trip to Japan to participate in a 2-week internship since 2012. Ibrahimova Almira, a student from Marugoth group A2 / B1 of the Japanese language courses shared her impressions of visiting the Land of the Rising Sun:

“During the practical training, we have been in Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and visited many amazing places. Our program also included a visit to the primary school and Japanese family. This is what I have dreamed of! It helped me not only to improve my conversational Japanese, but to see daily living of Japanese people. Benefits of this program are obvious. This trip has proved me that Japanese can open many doors, and it helped to understand what I want in the future. Japanese language has united representatives of different countries, and I met interesting people. Time spent in Japan left many bright and unforgettable memories.

Poltushev Dilmurat attendee of Japanese language courses from Marugoto B1-3 group:

We learn Japanese by new “Marugoto” program, which allows us to quickly use learnt materials in practice. Marugoto textbooks include various topics and live cases occurring in daily life. In addition to the standard topics, the program introduces us to the cultural aspect. To get into the Japanese culture our senseis often arrange various activities. For example cooking Japanese food together with guests from Japan allows you not only to learn Japanese cuisine, but also to improve your conversational skills. The semester program includes meetings with native speakers to test the learnt material in practice. Personally for me, this approach plays an important role, as it helps to quickly and efficiently master new material. “